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Monday-Friday ~ 6 – 10 A.M. The Bob & Tom Show


 Tom Griswold
No one on the planet has a more complicated life than Tom.   The staff isn’t too sure what he does in his free time because he’s always, “gotta go.”  From bluffing his way through an Ivy League school to raising his seven children, tom tends to aid in the show going off the rails.  From Cleveland, Tom attended Columbia University. After a radio stop in Florida, Tom hooked up with Bob in Petoskey Michigan and formed the morning team which eventually came to Indianapolis in 1983.

 Chick McGee
Chick, a lifelong Washington Redskins super fan, is “Your Sports Buddy.”  He is the one to put Tom in his place all while delivering the occasional “Hahn-shot” punchline.  when not on air, you can find him at home with his “big sweeties,” aka his two dogs.  Born in London, Ohio, Chick began his broadcasting journey in West Virginia but eventually made it to WFBQ’s sister station in Indianapolis. When they had enough of him, he came on the Bob and Tom Show to do sports, take on announcer and commercial duties and assume the role of the one and only Mr. Obvious.

 Kristi Lee
Kristi is the voice of reason in a chorus of goofballs, while delivering the day’s lifestyle and entertainment news.  A mother of two and a single woman, Kristi’s life is a non-stop roller coaster.  She does all this and wrangles the boys in the morning from 6a-10a.  Kristi joined the show in 1984 as News Director. Kristi is a native of Indianapolis and attended Indiana University. She has also worked in television with Fox Sports and ESPN.

 Josh Arnold
Josh is the newest addition to the cast, even though he wasn’t the first choice (he was just the first one to say yes).  Josh is a single guy who’s been touring the country as a stand-up comedian for over a decade.  With his stand-up sensibilities and a library of incredibly bad puns, Josh fits in seamlessly.  From St. Louis, Josh is the newest cast member of The Bob & Tom Show.  Josh’s career in stand-up comedy was propelled by his desire to work as little as possible (up to 45 minutes a day, max), stay up late and sleep in ’til ten.  Josh notes that being on The Bob & Tom morning show kinda screws up his plans, but he says, he’ll work through it.

 Ron Sexton
Ron joined the show as a voice actor.  His Donnie Baker character has become a fan favorite with millions of Bob & Tom listeners and YouTube views worldwide.

Monday ~ 10 – 11 A.M. Ag Today of Central Ohio with Pete Emmons

This unique program, hosted by Pete Emmons of WQTT Radio, showcases the diverse nature of the agriculture industry in Union County and all of Central Ohio.

Listen to Ag Today in Central Ohio each Monday morning from 9 to 10 A.M. on WQTT Classic Rock Radio.

Each program features timely interviews with local, statewide and national experts in the field of agriculture and related industries.  Whether it’s tips on spring planting or the latest innovations in crop or livestock management, Pete finds the experts and gets the answers you want to hear.

Wednesday ~ 10 – 10:30 A.M. Marysville Matters with Pete Emmons

MARYSVILLE MATTERS….”Everything you need to know”

Every Wednesday morning from 10 – 10:30 A.M.

  Your host, Pete Emmons, interacts with local City of Marysville personnel, as well as; school and county officials and gets you the updates on all the local happenings.

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Friday ~ 10 – 10:30 A.M. Faith Filled Fridays with Theresa Roshon

Faith Filled Fridays

“Sharing Faith, to build your Faith”

Friday Mornings @ 10:05 A.M.

  Join host Theresa Roshon as she welcomes a new guest each week to share an account of Faith during a defining moment! Faith Filled Fridays weekly program will encourage all who listen! Hear real accounts of men and women who have experienced God’s wondrous works at a crucial moment in their lives.

Faith Filled Ministries is an outreach of “Running for My Life Ministries” of Marysville, Ohio.

NOTE:  Be sure to also check out the program  Facebook  page.

For sponsoring a program or additional information, call 1-937-209-9665

Friday ~ 10:30 – 11 A.M. Hope on Air with the Hope Center in Marysville

Hope on Air

“Hope on Air” can be heard each Friday morning from 10:30 – 11:00 A.M.. Host Jessica Schulze, Executive Director of the Hope Center, in Marysville; enlightens you to the good work being done in Union County for all citizens in need.

Everyone in the Hope Center community experiences God’s best plan for their lives.
Together we achieve the dream through effective Compassion ministries,
by connecting people to vibrant Community relationships and
equipping the Next Generation to pursue a hopeful future.

Hope On Air is brought to you by…

Friday ~ 4 – 6 P.M. Shawn and Kate Radio Show

The Shawn and Kate Radio Show

Shawn + Kate= Fun. Real. Radio.

10a to 12n right here on 98.7FM/1270AM WQTT

The Shawn and Kate Show is a radio show brought to you by Diet Pepsi.

Love to laugh, listen to great music and receive unsolicited advice? Then this is the show for you! Male or Female, young or old, you will be entertained by the Shawn and Kate Show!  Shawn Ireland and Kate Burdett have been entertaining radio listeners all over Ohio for way too many years to count.

Listen to them Friday Afternoons from 4p to 6p
on 98.7FM/1270AM WQTT in Marysville and 92.9FM/1550AM in Delaware.

Or you can listen to the Shawn and Kate Show anytime through Apple iTunes.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Shawn and Kate Show, please email partners@shawnandkateshow.com.

Shawn Ireland

Shawn Ireland’s voice and face have been familiar to Central Ohioans for many years. In fact, Shawn has been heard on different Columbus area radio stations for 30 years! Aside from a 2 year stint on an all-female morning show in San Diego, most of her broadcast journey has been spent entertaining radio listeners and televisions viewers throughout Central Ohio.

When she is not entertaining and informing Good Day Columbus viewers, weekdays on Fox 28 and helping local businesses thrive each day on Good Day Marketplace, she is pioneering her own syndicated radio and enterprise called “The Shawn and Kate Show”. The show is a 2-hour weekend, plug and play radio program heard on many Ohio stations, with accompanying podcasts and video excerpts aired daily right here at shawnandkateshow.com. Shawn says “If you love to laugh, listen to great music and get unsolicited advice, then this is the show for you!” It’s Fun-Real-Radio! Shawn is also very involved in charitable causes in Central Ohio, and is very proud of her program “Beauty’s on the inside”, a self-esteem program for young girls.

Shawn is also a devoted, proud, single mom with a 24 year old son who lives in L.A., and a 19 year old daughter attending The Ohio State University. Shawn also has 3 lovable dogs of very questionable intelligence…which she suspects could have something to do with her single status! When she does have down time- (which rarely exists)- shoe loves working out, entertainment venues, and watching mindless, reality TV which includes all “The Bachelor” franchises! She calls it her training manual of what NOT to do! Regardless, Shawn always tackles the crazy with a smile and a true love of adventure each day!

Kate Burdett

  Kate and her proud parents.

Kate Burdett has been shooting her mouth off on the radio in Ohio since 1995.  A native of western NY and a graduate of the University of Dayton, Kate’s parents are just grateful that she’s found a way to put her mouthiness to good use (though the jury is still out on that one).  Kate resides in a happy home with Roommate Rob and her dog Parker who is smarter than most people you’ll meet.  The home is happiest when Kate has a glass full of wine and a DVR full of reality TV to watch!

Saturday ~ 6 – 7 A.M. Buckeye Sportsman

Buckeye Sportsman

Dan Armitage, host of Buckeye Sportsman, is one of the state’s best-known outdoor writers, with articles appearing in numerous outdoor magazines, including Outdoor LifeIn-Fisherman and Field & Stream as well as in various statewide periodicals including Ohio Game & FishOhio’s Country Journaland AAA’s Home & Away magazines.

Through his work and contacts as a full time outdoor writer, Dan keeps Buckeye Sportsman listeners abreast of the latest outdoor news affecting hunters and anglers, and his featured guests each week offer expert advice on everything from calling Ohio turkeys and waterfowl to fishing for crappie, bass or walleye in waters right here in Ohio.

Saturday ~ 7 – 8 A.M. Autosmarts


Auto Smarts Radio presented by Germain Honda of Dublin is the region’s premiere radio show dedicated to those that are looking to buy, repair, or race cars, trucks, motorcycles or anything on wheels!

Founder Dan “Boots” Longenette boasts nearly 25 years in the automotive industry and anchors a pit crew with four diverse personalities with plenty of broadcasting savvy.

Whether it’s fielding calls or emails from those with a question, to special interviews with Jay Leno, Richard Petty, or Jeg Coughlin, the Auto Smarts gang offers plenty of insight and lively banter during their fast-paced weekly spectacular shows.

Regular features from the worlds of NHRA and NASCAR, to updates from lemon law attorneys, Jack Moser, Busted for Drunk Driving.com  and top area mechanics, offer information to the gearhead or the novice in a way that all can understand and enjoy! Weekly show giveaways from PEPSI.

Saturday ~ 9 – 10 A.M. Local Lix with Host Pat McLoughlin

Local Lix

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What is Local Lix

Local Lix is a weekly show that will feature interviews with bands, solo artists, local song writers and entertainers that diligently and professionally work within the booming Central Ohio music scene. These artists have great stories to share, amazing successes they can tell, and what tactics they used to obtain the status that they have accomplished. Many will perform live during their interviews that will give the listener a one of a kind listening opportunity.
Features of the show
What makes Local Lix unique is that as a fellow musician and entertainer, host Pat McLoughlin is able to ask questions on the level of the interviewee.  As he speaks their language, he’s able to get really exciting stories, experiences and/or learning lessons that have enabled them to become a success within this incredibly talented pool of local artists.

Sunday ~ 8:30 – 9 A.M. St. John’s Lutheran Church


8:30 – 9 A.M. St. John’s Lutheran Church

Moments with God

Moments with God’s Word with Pastor Jack Heino of St. John’s Lutheran Church

Get to know Pastor Jack Heino

What is your favorite part of your ministry?

My favorite part of ministry is to see the light of Christ suddenly appear in the eyes of someone being reached by the Holy Spirit and know that now THEY GET IT!! 🙂

What brought you to St. John’s?

I was serving a mission congregation in Red Lake Ontario Canada when I received the call to St. John’s in 1995. I was called here to equip a three pointed mission of Contemporary Worship, Small Group Ministry and to seek out new and untried opportunities for outreach in Union County and recruit members of St. John’s for Mission and Ministry in our community.

What is your home town?

I was born in Menahga Minnesota where my father was an LCMS Pastor with a 3 point parish and then we moved to Moose Lake MN and finally on to Chardon Ohio when I was in 7th grade and he remained there for over 30 years until he retired.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I like to ride motorcycles and shoot guns!! 🙂 My primary interest has been to dedicate my life to do whatever I do with an eye to how and what I do and who I do it with can impact and expand the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ name.

Sunday ~ 9 – 10 A.M. Bible Matters with Joel Haynes

Bible Matters with Joel Hayes. This is an interactive time to explore God’s word and how it pertains to today’s world.

Bible Matters with Joel Haynes

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

Here’s the recent outlines for our studies!!



Bio:  Joel Haynes resides with his wife, Mary Ann, and their four children in Marysville, OH. He is a very active lay person in the church, serving in the past as youth pastor, deacon, adult Sunday school teacher, small group Bible study leader, and emcee for the Sunday worship radio broadcast. On the side, he has served on numerous Via de Cristo teams and is very involved with the Kairos prison ministry.

Joel came to know and experience the saving grace of God from a Navigator’s missionary while serving in the Air Force in the Philippines. That is when he began his continuous in-depth study of the scriptures. his desire is to know and grow in the truth also led him to study the New Testament.

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